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Educational Videos

Learn about Lasik, Glaucoma, Cataracts


  1. CATARACTS - Cataracts Explained
  2. CATARACTS - Yag Laser Capsulotomy
  3. CATARACTS - Accommodating IOLs
  4. CATARACTS - LAL Surgery
  5. GLAUCOMA - What is narrow angle glaucoma?
  6. GLAUCOMA - General Glaucoma Video
  7. LASIK - What is Lasik?
  8. PTERYGIUM - What is Pterygium?

Dry Eye

  1. DRY EYES - Dry Eye Video
  2. DRY EYES - Punctal Plugs

The Eye and Ocular Abnormalities

  1. Anatomy of the Eye
  2. Flashes and Floaters
  3. Ocular Migraines
  4. The Macula, and Macular Degeneration

Contact Lenses

  1. CONTACT LENS - Introduction
  2. CONTACT LENS - Preparation
  3. CONTACT LENS - Application (Soft)
  4. CONTACT LENS - Lens Care Method 1 / Method 2
  5. CONTACT LENS - Rewetting Drops
  6. CONTACT LENS - Removing Dust
  7. CONTACT LENS - Removal (Soft)
  8. CONTACT LENS - Compliance


  1. Eyeglasses
Dr. Arthur Astorino, JR. MD Arthur Astorino, Jr., MD, is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has been practicing since 1988. He provides exceptional eye care to his patients at Astorino & Associates Eye Center in Newport Beach, California, in areas like general ophthalmology, advanced cataract care, and refractive surgery.

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