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Etnia Barcelona - Sight is life

Etnia Barcelona
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“Sight is life”. This is the opening statement of the short documentary that tells the story of Etnia Barcelona Foundation's project in Ziguinchor (Senegal): the creation of the Santa Yalla Optique Solidaire.

Santa Yalla Optique Solidaire
Santa Yalla Optique Solidaire

An initiative that arose in 2016 with the aim of facilitating access to visual health for all people regardless of their financial resources. The documentary piece gathers, through various testimonies, the driving force of Etnia Barcelona Foundation: to offer quality glasses at affordable prices generating equal opportunities and promoting women’s empowerment.

Santa Yalla Optique Solidaire

This adventure doesn’t end here! New projects in Senegal are currently underway. We will continue training people and striving to raise awareness of the need amongst the population.

Soon more news, stay tuned!

Santa Yalla Optique Solidaire
Santa Yalla Optique Solidaire
Le don de la vue
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