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Emergency Eye Care

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To quickly diagnose and treat sudden and unexpected eye injuries, Astorino & Associates Eye Center offers emergency eye care services. Arthur Astorino, MD, and Tram Ho, OD, provide comprehensive emergency care for eye injuries at the Newport Beach, California, office and treat conditions, like cuts, chemical burns, and blunt force injuries. They use the latest technologies to assess your situation quickly, so treatment can begin as soon as possible. Learn more about available eye emergency care services by calling Astorino & Associates Eye Center today or by requesting an appointment online now.

Emergency Eye Care Q & A

What emergency eye care services are available?

Your job, sports participation, and your usual activities can all increase your risk factors for eye injuries. You may also suffer eye damage from unexpected accidents.

To reduce the damage to your eye health and vision, Astorino & Associates Eye Center offers comprehensive emergency eye care services that diagnose and treat emergency issues like:

  • Cuts
  • Burns
  • Scratches
  • Direct trauma

The practice also evaluates and treats eye emergencies that arise from existing eye conditions, like glaucoma, or blood clots.

Using the latest diagnostic technologies, your provider assesses the damage to your eye and customizes a treatment plan to protect your eye health.

When should I seek emergency eye care?

You should seek emergency eye care as quickly as possible if you have an incident or accident that causes pain or damage to your eye. In some cases, such as with chemical burns or direct trauma, you may need to visit the nearest hospital for treatment. Your provider at Astorino & Associates Eye Center can then follow-up on your assessment and recommend the right plan for treatment.

If you experience sudden vision loss, bright flashes of light, or other unexpected vision changes, you should also seek emergency eye care treatment. These issues can indicate you have a severe underlying medical problem, such as a retinal detachment, and you need a proper diagnosis to prevent a worsening of your condition.

What treatments are available for eye emergencies?

Your treatment plan for an eye emergency depends on the nature of your injury or condition. Your provider takes the time to evaluate your overall eye health through a comprehensive ocular exam.

They offer a variety of in-office services to relieve your symptoms and address the root cause of your eye issues. The goal of any treatment is to reduce the amount of trauma your eye experiences to prevent vision loss or permanent damage.

For emergency issues that result from existing eye diseases, such as glaucoma, your provider may recommend in-office laser procedures to reduce pressure in the eye quickly.

In addition to customized treatments, they provide recommendations for protecting your eyes against additional injuries, such as wearing protective eye gear when working with chemicals or tools or participating in sports.

To learn more about available eye emergency care services, contact Astorino & Associates Eye Center today using the online booking feature or by calling the office.