Get Shamir Computer/Workspace Lenses to ease Computer Vision Syndrome!

Do you sit in front of a computer all day? Do you have trouble seeing clearly across the room? Are your eyes feeling fatigued? If so, Computer Vision Syndrome could be playing a part in your dirsrupted vision. But  luckily at Astorino Eye Center we have a helpful solution with Shamir branded lenses.

Shamir's Computer and Workspace™ lens designs are the perfect solution to relieve Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Shamir WorkSpace™ is the best solution when priority focus is mid-distance up to 10 ft., while Shamir Computer is great for near viewing up to 5 ft.

These advanced Freeform lens designs allow movement within the workspace and sharp vision whether the required focus is a desk or a colleague across the room.



With Shamir Computer and Shamir WorkSpace, presbyopic computer users no longer need to lift their head to see the computer clearly, as with progressive lens designs, or bend their neck to peer over the top of reading glasses. Every wearer of the new advanced Shamir occupational lenses can hold their head and neck in a natural comfortable position while enjoying perfect focus.



OPTION 1: Shamir Computer

For those focused on immediate surroundings

When focusing on a computer and its near surroundings is a top priority, Shamir Computer, an advanced Freeform® lens, provides a wide field of near viewing with clear vision up to 5ft. – a far greater depth of field than that offered by conventional reading lenses.

Shamir Computer is ideal for those working on a computer throughout the day, especially those working with multiple monitors. It is important to understand that Shamir Computer serves other occupations as well, because it provides clear vision for any task performed within 5ft.


Below is a list of occupations that may benefit from Shamir Computer:

• Lab Technician             

• Pianist                      

• Accountant

• Data Entry Clerk

• Graphic Designer


OPTION 2: Shamir WorkSpace

Sharp focus for dynamic workers

Shamir  WorkSpace is the best solution when priority focus is both mid-distance and near viewing. Offering a greater depth of field, up to 10ft., this advanced and highly sophisticated Freeform® lens design, allows movement within the workspace and sharp vision whether the required focus is on the desk or a colleague across the room.

If working on near tasks and interacting with employees or presenting to groups fall within your daily tasks, Shamir WorkSpace is the ideal solution. It is also the best occupational solution for those who are actively moving around their work place throughout the day, providing clarity for those tasks performed within 10ft.

Below is a list of occupations that may benefit from Shamir WorkSpace:

• Florist

• Sales Clerk

• Nurse

• Chef

• Receptionist

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David Greening David Greening, ABOC, BS(HONS) Ophth. Dispensing David is our resident optician, and has been in optics since 2002. He attained his Bachelor of Science degree in Ophthalmic Dispensing in Kent, England (2014). He has extensive experience, having managed his own practice for many years prior to arriving at Astorino & Associates Eye Center. He is a licensed American optician (ABOC) and is well-recognized for his quality of service, attention to detail, and patient care.

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