Introducing MauiPure® LT - The Thinnest and Most Lightweight Maui Jim Lenses Ever

Maui Hema

Maui Jim's newest lens material is both super-strong and feather-light, and that’s because it was inspired by one of Mother Nature’s most brilliant designs.

Inspiration: feathers

A bird’s feathers strike the perfect balance between lightness in weight and strength in structure, which is what enables these winged creatures to stand up to the stresses of flight — and look beautiful while doing it. (Just Google “architecture of bird feathers” to be amazed by all the scientific research on this topic.)

Our thinnest, lightest and strongest lens material yet, MauiPure® LT takes a lesson from Mother Nature. In fact, if it weren’t for the breathtaking views delivered by our patented PolarizedPlus2® technology, you’d barely notice you were even wearing sunglasses.

MauiPure LT Feathers

A difference you can feel (and see)

Light: Pick up two sheets of paper from your printer — that’s how little MauiPure LT lenses weigh. They’re light because they’re thin, 27% thinner than other lenses.

MauiPure LT top view frame with feather


Strong: Put any worries about drops, scratches or slips to rest. MauiPure LT lenses are impact- and scratch-resistant with advanced airflow technology nose pads for better grip.


MauiPure LT nose pad interior

Bright: Choose from seven vibrant lens colors, each of which delivers the unrivaled color, clarity and detail you expect from every pair of Maui Jim sunglasses.

MauiPure LT collection group on white background


Feather-light, fashion-forward

You’ll find MauiPure LT lenses in Hema and Hikina styles. Come and see Dave at our store to try them on!

Three MauiPure LT styles on feathers

Maui Jim Maui Jim is a sunglasses manufacturer based in Peoria, Illinois. The company was founded in Lahaina, Hawaii in 1980. As of 2015, the company was the third-largest producer of sunglasses in the world.

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