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Let's clean those glasses.

Cleaning your eyeglasses is an important part of maintaining their clarity and longevity. With the right tools and techniques, you can easily keep your glasses clean and free from smudges and dirt.

First, it's important to start with the right tools. A microfiber cloth is the best option for cleaning your glasses, as it is gentle on the lenses and highly effective at removing dirt and smudges. Avoid using paper towels, tissues, or other rough materials that can scratch your lenses.

To clean your glasses, start by rinsing them with warm water. This will help to loosen any dirt or debris on the lenses. Next, apply some lens spray. Be sure to clean both the front and back of the lenses, as well as the frames and nose pads.

Rinse your glasses thoroughly with warm water to remove the any remaining dirt. Dry your glasses using your microfiber cloth, being careful not to leave any streaks. If your glasses are particularly dirty, you may need to repeat this process a few times to get them fully clean.

In addition to regular cleaning, it's also a good idea to disinfect your glasses to kill any bacteria that may be present. To do this, mix a solution of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol and apply it to your lenses using a clean microfiber cloth. Be sure to avoid getting the solution in your eyes, and rinse your glasses with warm water once you're finished.

Finally, it's important to store your glasses properly to keep them clean and free from scratches. Avoid leaving your glasses on a surface where they can be easily knocked over, and never store them with the lenses facing down. Instead, keep them in a protective case when you're not wearing them to prevent damage.

By following these simple steps, you can easily keep your eyeglasses clean and free from dirt and smudges. Regular cleaning and disinfecting will not only improve the clarity of your lenses, but also help to extend the life of your glasses.

David Greening David Greening, ABOC, BS(HONS) Ophth. Dispensing David is our resident optician, and has been in optics since 2002. He attained his Bachelor of Science degree in Ophthalmic Dispensing in Kent, England (2014). He has extensive experience, having managed his own practice for many years prior to arriving at Astorino & Associates Eye Center. He is a licensed American optician (ABOC) and is well-recognized for his quality of service, attention to detail, and patient care.

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