Our Bold Vision: A Future Free from Glaucoma

Vision loss from glaucoma is irreversible. Currently there is no cure and everyone is at risk for developing this blinding disease. With the aging population expanding so rapidly, a worldwide epidemic is looming. It is predicted that 111 million people around the globe will have glaucoma by 2040. If we act now, we have the potential to preserve sight and change lives.

The time for our bold vision is now. For this reason, we launched The Cure is in Sight: The Campaign for Glaucoma Research Foundation in 2014. Thanks to more than 15,000 contributions, we exceeded our initial campaign goal of $15 million. To keep this incredible momentum going and help raise funds to support the next Catalyst for a Cure consortium, we have extended the Campaign to raise $25 million by 2020.

To date, we have raised $20 million toward our $25 million goal.

This important fundraising endeavor will reinforce our mission, strengthen education and awareness efforts, and make possible great strides in scientific discovery. Since this is a comprehensive campaign, each and every gift donated will count toward our ambitious goal of $25 million.

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Shared from the Glaucoma Research Foundation

Dr. Arthur Astorino, JR. MD Arthur Astorino, Jr., MD, is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has been practicing since 1988. He provides exceptional eye care to his patients at Astorino & Associates Eye Center in Newport Beach, California, in areas like general ophthalmology, advanced cataract care, and refractive surgery.

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