Our office is closed until further notice

Dear Patients,

For your protection we have implemented changes that may affect your appointment(s). In order to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus our office will be closed Effective immediately until further notice.

Our phones will be staffed for patients who feel they have an urgent medical need with their eyes. Please call us if you have an emergency -- we will first see if we can resolve this through teleconferencing, and then after discussion with our doctors we will arrrange a time for you to be seen either in the office or at urgent care/ER.

Our optician will still be on site and will be available for any urgent needs. If you have eyeglasses or contact lenses to pick up, please call our optical line on 949-645-2250 (option 1) to discuss how to do this. We will happily bring them out to your car, or mail them to you for $10.

Thank you!

David Greening David Greening, ABOC, BS(HONS) Ophth. Dispensing David is our resident optician, and has been in optics since 2002. He attained his Bachelor of Science degree in Ophthalmic Dispensing in Kent, England (2014). He has extensive experience, having managed his own practice for many years prior to arriving at Astorino & Associates Eye Center. He is a licensed American optician (ABOC) and is well-recognized for his quality of service, attention to detail, and patient care.

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