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Workplace Eye Wellness Month!

Whether it's an injury that takes place during a construction job or an eye disease that is passed along due to exposure, or perhaps even too much screen time, we should be more aware of how our work environments pose risks to our eye health.

✅ Wear the appropriate eyewear for the job
✅ Take a break from screens every 20 minutes
✅ Consider blue light protection glasses
✅ Get a pair of sunglasses with 100% UV protection
✅ Schedule your annual eye exam today!

David Greening David Greening, ABOC, BS(HONS) Ophth. Dispensing David is our resident optician, and has been in optics since 2002. He attained his Bachelor of Science degree in Ophthalmic Dispensing in Kent, England (2014). He has extensive experience, having managed his own practice for many years prior to arriving at Astorino & Associates Eye Center. He is a licensed American optician (ABOC) and is well-recognized for his quality of service, attention to detail, and patient care.

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